Jean-Marc Berthommé

Jean-Marc Berthommé

PhD student in Computer Vision,
Université Blaise Pascal, Institut Pascal, ComSee - ISPR.

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The aim of my PhD is to investigate non-parametric models for object tracking and recognition through three key questions :

- How to update a model along the time ?
- How to model a probability density function in a high dimensional space ?
- How to model a probability density function from a very high number of points ?

My subject is available here (french version) and here (english version).

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Information Theory for Image Inpainting and Blind Spot Filling-in


Kernel Selection by Mutual Information for Nonparametric Tracking

Interests - Menu


CMIM for Image Segmentation


Conditional Mutual Information Maximization (CMIM)


Capacity-Constrained Voronoï Tesselation


Lloyd's Algorithm

Teaching - Menu

- C Programming/Beginning exercises based on Alexandre Guitton's course (2009/2010).

- Control (french) based on Thierry Chateau and Lounis Adouane' course (2012/2013).

- Computer Vision projects (2D & 3D) with engineering physics students (2012/2013).

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Supervisor      : Michel Dhome
Co-supervisor : Thierry Chateau

Institut Pascal - UMR 6602
24, Avenue des Landais
63177 AUBIÈRE Cedex